About Krone Stamps

Most long-time collectors have accumulated material that no longer easily fits into current collecting and exhibiting interests. Interests have also changed, perhaps too frequently, with the result that past material, from not so long ago, now have lost their strong appeal.

This web site was born out of the realization that some of this surplus may be the treasure of another collector and may help build another collection. Naturally, one collector's surplus material reflects his or her current or past interests and may thus be geographic or thematic very limited. On this site, postal stationery from some restricted geographic areas will be strongly represented (Southern Africa, Bechuanalands, Botswana, Madagascar). This does not exclude that other areas and subjects will appear in the listing as diggings into the surpluses deepens.

Why do I not use the traditional and current available venues for disposing of surplus material, such as commercial auctions, current internet sites, or club auctions? The answer is simple. Most of the material will not easily fit into high priced commercial auctions unless offered as collections or accumulations. This type of 'blind' collection lots are the source of many of the items that will be found on our site. Further, club auctions are unfortunately dying venues. Many specialized societies have discontinued their club auctions, apparently due to competition from internet auctions. Finally, the existing auction internet sites offer fast turn-around with little quality control. However, the real reason may simply be the excitement of trying something new.

Krone Stamps promises to offer quality material at a fair price. We also promise that any items can be returned for a full refund if for any reason you are not satisfied. Do not hesitate to let us know about your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. We listen and will try hard to improve.




Krone Watermark
The crown in the logo is an illustration of the watermark in the paper used for the first postal stationery envelope issued by Denmark in 1864. This watermark is known by Danish postal stationery collectors as Krone I.
Peter Thy

Peter Thy is a longtime specialist collector of the postal stationery of southern Africa.

His exhibits of the Bechuanalands have won gold medals at national and international shows.

His philatelic research frequently appears in philatelic specialist newsletters and journals.

He is a member of American Philatelic Society, United Postal Stationery Society, Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa, Bechuanalands and Botswana Society, and the Royal Philatelic Society of London.

Catalogues Used

Catalogue numbers and valuation for stamps are based on the Stanley Gibbons (SG) or Scott (S) catalogues. Postal stationery is listed based on the Higgins and Gage (H&G) or the A.C.E.P. French Colonies (ACEP) catalogues.

Southern Africa stationery is listed based on catalogues published by Filatelisten-vereniging Zuidelijk Afrika and authored by W.J. Quik and others.

Bechuanaland and Botswana stationery is based on the Bechuanalands and Botswana Society numbers (BBS).

Other specialized catalogues are used as identified in the descriptions.