Postal orders, Cape of Good Hope, 1894
1 shilling postal order / postal note. Issued in Newlands AU 2 94. Not cashes as usual. Very rare postal history item.
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Postal Stationery, British Bechuanaland, 1894
1/2d British inland postcard issued in 1894. Die 2. Only 3,000 overprinted. One of the rarest Bechuanaland cards.
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Postal Stationery, Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1920
5 1/2d King George V 1920 registration envelope with green stamp and straight flap. Size F, date code under flap BP.
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The Postal Stationery of the Bechuanalands and Botswana’ by Peter Thy and John Inglefield-Watson was published in 2004 by the British Philatelic Trust in conjunction with the Bechuanalands & Botswana Society. The Bechuanaland Society has now assumed responsibility for distribution of the book, and wishes to make it available for a limited period at a special promotional price. For enquiries and further information, please e-mail jbhurst@btinternet.com or thy@kronestamps.dk. A few copies are still available. (April 2012)
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